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Earth, Meteor, Moon, Shuttles, Space,
Jupiter, Europa, Earthquakes, Orion, Cassiopeia, Sci-Fi

Return To Earth

Science Fiction Novel set in 2053, After a Meteor has Partially Destroyed Earth

The lucky ones who managed to escape to the moon could only watch helplessly as the rogue planet Lycos slammed into Earth. As fate would have it, they were the future of humankind, with visions of rebuilding the human race on Europa, a distant moon of Jupiter.

 But in an attempt to mold this new world in his own image, the psychotic moon base leader, Soren, commandeers the ship for his select few and abandons those who might resist his unique vision of their future— condemning them to certain death.

 Left behind on the moon with a handful of desperate survivors and dwindling resources, Tess Robinson, a rising star in NASA with a troubled past, is thrust into a position where she must make peace with her ghosts if they are to survive.

 Now, in a frantic race against time and unimaginable odds, they must return to the broken earth if they hope to make the journey to Europa; but they must survive not only the final destructive forces unleashed on the planet, but the barbaric survivors they left behind.


dennis calloway - return to earth

About Dennis

Dennis Calloway is a native of Detroit, Michigan with deep roots in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He currently lives in Houston, Texas.

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